One Month Later, The Trooper Who Issued The Citation Told Daniels That It Had Not Been Docketed, And Daniels Called The Court.

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Pictured is former Magisterial District Judge Rita Arnold of Downingtown. When the citation was turned in to Arnolds court, it was placed in the docketing bin. When she saw it, Arnold called a sergeant at the state police barracks at Embreeville to ask why a citation had been issued. The sergeant promised to look into it, but before he could answer her question he received the citation in the mail from Arnolds office. The sergeant, Brandon Daniels, called Arnold and told her that the citation had been properly issued and needed to be refiled. The court received the citation on Feb. 8, 2010, but Arnold failed to docket it. She later told a court employee that she would tell her when to docket it, saying that Solomon had a probation hearing coming up and she did not want the citation to affect his case. One month later, the trooper who issued the citation told Daniels that it had not been docketed, and Daniels called the court. Arnold told him that her court was backlogged, and that the citation would be filed soon. It was docketed on April 5, 2010, but Arnold had it transferred to District Court 15-1-01 in West Chester, changing the sex, race, and birthday of the defendant.

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